Friday, September 4, 2015

Romping in the Deep Woods

Late Recap:

Date: August 22nd, 2015
Location: Cascade Falls, Pembroke, VA
Weather: Slightly Overcast / Sunny 86°F
Mission: Reach Destination Waterfall in Time for a Swim
Distance: 2 miles in, 2 miles out
Mission Status: Complete

One of the most strenuous trails I've hiked (in my limited hiking experiences). The views were stunning and the lower trail was worth every step. Granola bars and trail mix kept us alive. Safe drinking water was scarce after the mission was underway. No restrooms anywhere to be found. Beware. Bandaids recommended. Encountered wild insects and twisted my ankle on the rocky trail more times than I would like to admit. 

Upon reaching the waterfall, be prepared to have your breath taken away. 66 feet of gushing frigid water. Ice cold water WILL leave you numb. Slippery rocks WILL make you fall. If you are a grown human the water will probably NOT drag you down the sliding rock, so be prepared to scoot yourself and pretend it works. Worth the car ride and sleep deprivation.

Number of steps climbed: 3,857,094,859,469 (probably)
Number of times tripped: more than 6
Number of bridges crossed: about 5....million
Number of times Evelin complained: 3 times per second
Number of times we said "Wow": maybe 1,000
Number of times we encouraged each other with thoughts of food:328
Number of pictures we took: a lot