Thursday, April 27, 2017

Little Letters: April Adventures Edition

Dear Sunsets,
I want to pull out my watercolors and try to recreate you, but you're perfect, and I'd ruin it anyway.

Dear Rain/Thunderstorms/Electrical Storms/Tornado warnings,
YOU MAKE SLEEPING SO EASY! (and getting up in the mornings so unbearable).

Dear Roll-a-bout,
Slushies are your perfect complement.

Dear Easter Sunday,
You were perfect. From the wonderful sunshine, to the favorite people surrounding me. Jesus is oh so good!

Dear Easter Monday,
I wish I could keep you on repeat. Every monday should feel this good, with wind in your hair, sun on your face, boyfriend at your side, and the sound of the ocean filling your ears.

Dear Boyfriend,
Adventuring NC with you is always such fun. You know just what to say to make me laugh, and you keep me so well fed, I could never be grumpy.

Dear Sisters,
Kayaking adventures are too real. Spider survival, duckling sightings, pelicans, herons, and alligators too. With all of the albondiga making, chicken cooking, sopa fria, hot pockets, and chick-fil-a for emergencies etc. admit I'm a good cook ya'll.

Dear Parents,
Come home already. Being a "mom/babysitter" is too stressful, I want to revert back to my carefree days of being 5. Also mom, how do you do it all and make it seem so easy?

Dear cousins,
How are ya'll so cute?? I think we need more cousin dates because I don't see you enough.

Dear Life,
You are quite fantastically grand each and every day. Let me always remember that.