Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Carowinds Independence Day

America the Beautiful.

This fourth of July was spent with a great group of friends at Carowinds riding every single roller coaster at the park, avoiding heat stroke with ice cream and water rides, and just having a thrilling time. The fireworks were magnificent, the rides fast, and wind blown hair, real. After many head bangings on the seat, roller coaster/screaming headaches, and possibly a minor concussion I on a whim decided we might as well try out the slingshot ride. The one ride I had just told my cousin I would NOT do. As soon as my ride was paid for I wondered, "Do I love myself?" "Why am I doing this?" and just like that I found myself getting strapped to a seat and saying "dale!". The view was amazing, and the ride worth it. 

Can you tell we are related?

My "What is wrong with me?" face
Now or never.