Friday, September 16, 2016

End Summer at Summit - 2016

You know those trips where everything goes perfectly and you can't imagine ever wanting to leave? That was Summit this year. Who am I kidding, that's me when I go anywhere.....
The wanderlust is real.

So for the third year in a row, I made the short 5 hour trip to the beautiful mountainside in Tennessee, where I was able to spend time with my beautiful friends that I hardly ever get to see! I arrived Wednesday afternoon in time for the Hope Corps Graduation service and banquet. It seems that with every year I see less and less of my original class of 2012, but I got to see my sweet friend Kara this year and actually spend some time with her! 

Also, to any of you San Diego people reading this right now:


You all were so sweet and I felt like I was right at home in Burlington with you all! Definitely planning to visit in the near future. 

Each night consisted of staying up wayyyy too late (or should I say early?) and eating more food than is good for you. All the while laughing incessantly until your sides ache and smiling so wide your cheeks hurt. Oh, and the games! Non-stop hilarity.  Christmas caroling to our waiter at Denny's, bunny, bunny, bunny....oh goodness. I think our waiter thought we were all intoxicated.

And the grand finale, Dollywood adventuring all day Friday. From soaky squishy shoes, to flying on the swing over and over and over until our clothes dried. Imagine the heat. Imagine the face swaps. Imagine the getting lost. Imagine the cheese fries. 

That afternoon we went to the Comedy Barn, where everyone and their mama's showed up, to enjoy the last night of togetherness before everyone heads back home. We spent that night playing enough rounds of sardines to tire us all out before we used up all the good spots. 

If you still haven't made it to this conference, make plans for 2017! It is always scheduled for the Tuesday -Thursday after Labor day.