Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PEAK 2015 Youth Conference

PEAK youth conference has always been the highlight of the year for my youth group. Fundraising, planning and packing with anticipation for July to roll around. This year instead of riding up with my youth group or flying, I decided to drive to Tulsa, OK for the event. Best road trip yet! We left NC at 5 am Tuesday morning and 1,091 miles later arrived in Tulsa, OK at 11:25 pm. A 16 hour drive completed in 18 hours, with stops and a quick visit to our friends in Memphis included! Let me include: Arkansas is notorious for bugs (Poor Alice needs a car wash ASAP)

Wednesday  we did the only sensible thing that girls know how to do best when left to their own devices. Shop of course! The first service began Wednesday night at 7:30 and the excitement could be felt around the entire arena. Old friends greeting each other exuberantly and new friendships being delicately initiated. Homer Looper kicked off the first night with an awesome message about "A Great Inheritance Worth Fighting For".

Thursday morning consisted of  "Wilderness Babies" by Gary Robinson followed by a cohesive message of "That my Soul Knoweth Right Well" by Cody Marks. God is amazing in the way that these preachers all came together with their messages that just seemed to build upon one another. There were countless lives that were touched and many weary souls revived. Also, about 5,000+ people in the ORU Mabee Center. Can I just mention that the Burlington, NC youth were on the front and center rows every. single. service. Like it has been since 2009. They make me proud. :) There was a lock-in after service Thursday and sleep was nowhere to be found.

And finally Friday came around with a phenomenal message from Joel Booker "Lengthen & Strengthen". Did I mention my Bishop killed it with his singing? He did. But really, I am so blessed to have such an amazing example for a leader; I appreciate all he does and what he stands for steadfastly.


Friday evening we heard Nathaniel Urshan, current missionary to Roatan, Honduras pour his heart out with "The Other Side". There was an incredible atmosphere as everyone poured out their hearts to God and reached for more. Everyone was challenged to GO. 

"...Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away." 

A gentle awakening to keep striving, that this is not where it ends. You have so much more to do and achieve and time is of the essence. It's services like that, that remind you how privileged you are to be included in the greatest thing going on. To have an undeniable love source that reaches out to you time and time again, no matter your failures or shortcomings. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I also got to see some beautiful friends that live afar off, fellow Hope Corps alumni, and met some interesting people from cities I've never heard of. Hey guys, can we just stay here forever?


Saturday, we headed back home. With a few detours of course. We visited our friends the May's in Memphis, TN (p.s. the home cooked meal was delicious) and visited with the Kennesaw, GA youth group while we were there.  Sunday we grabbed lunch at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant and reluctantly decided it was probably time to go home. Maybe. 


 Until next year friends!