Monday, June 29, 2015

Creating the Life You WANT to Live

It was December last year, while preparing for my morning commute to work, that this thought came into my mind. And it persisted.
 "Create the life you WANT to live"
As I was plotting my course from point A to point B and deciding on details for small affairs, I realized it's all up to me. I know that God has a plan and a course for my life and I want nothing more than to fulfill that; but when it comes to effort and working towards an end result, that is all up to me. It was enlightening as I considered this thought a little longer and dwelled upon it. Anything and everything I've wanted to become, I can! With God all things are possible, and that even applies to me. He can work in me and change me better than anyone else, even myself. It was comforting to realize that if there is anything in my life that is upsetting me, affecting me negatively, or hindering me, I have the power to change it. I can cut away ties that are holding me, I can let go of the heavy burdens that weigh me down, I can discipline myself to become a better me.

Somehow, in my delirious little brain, there is a notion that things will just fall into place. That everything will happen just the way it's supposed to as long as I do what I should. And that may be partially true, but how much more could I accomplish if I made a significant effort? I suppose I won't magically wake up one day in my 40's and be the accomplished lady I aim to be. I won't be a great cook someday if I've never set foot in the kitchen. I won't miraculously find my hidden musical talent on the first attempt at the piano. It won't happen overnight. All of my goals, dreams, and ambitions need to be worked on. With Gods hand in the mix I have no fear of failure.

Every little accomplishment you've wanted to have under your belt, you can do it! Throw a new recipe into the oven. Start your sewing project. Get out your oil paints and have a mini-Da-Vinci-moment. Download that language app and get to work on your french, Swahili, and Portuguese. Run an extra mile. Wake up an hour earlier than usual. Work hard. It's odd just how satisfying a hard day of work is. You could be lounging about and wasting time on the internet, social media, and games, but when you have a to-do list and you actually get all or most of them done, it is indeed a satisfying day.

Decide that TODAY is the only day you can really take hold of and use it to the best of your ability. Spread kindness and love wherever you go; something so lacking in today's world, will let your light shine blindingly true. Be the light in your city and be the love of Jesus someone sees today. 


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

P.S. Nothing better than fresh sheets on your bed

There is this crazy thing called taking a full load of classes during the summer. Remind me not to do this again next summer. I will listen next time. I hope. This entire week is also calling for thunderstorms and rain. Yipee. Anyways, here are a bunch of pictures my talented friend Griselda took. It was the perfect excuse to wear this adorable Chicwish skirt and prance about for her enjoyment. Follow her on Instagram here

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Skirt: Chicwish / Sweater: Similar / Heels: Jessica Simpson / Hat: Similar