Thursday, September 15, 2016

September's Golden Days

Orange, orange, orange. 
Possibly one of the happiest, warmest, coziest of colors.
September's golden tones are here, and I plan to enjoy them!

A few of my most favorite things at the moment:

1. Cute mugs that make everything you drink in them picture worthy
2. Early bedtimes (of course by early, we all know I mean before midnight)
3. Bright mornings
4. Closet decluttering (ok not a favorite, but I'm loving the extra space!!!)
5.  Hairsticks

The mornings and evenings are cooler, but the warmth holds high.

Summer's last caress, as it slips on by.

The days stretch out long, begging you to treasure the remaining light.

For before you know it, it will soon be night.

A hat and a scarf, for this gentle breeze.

A bouquet of flowers, may cause you to sneeze.

We trample and wander, into the fields,

never really knowing, what fall time will yield.



Dress: Orange Maxi Dress / Hat: Straw Hat / Scarf: Similar /