Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cascade Falls for Labor Day

Cousin road trips + Hiking + Nature + Scenic Views + Swimming - Homework  = Grand ol' Time

That is the kind of math that I like. Do you ever find yourself wandering around on a hike and wonder why you can't just live by the side of the stream, fish for your meals, and run around barefoot all day in the wild? Just me? Oh, okay nevermind.....My inner Pocahontas was showing, sorry.

If you've never been here, I think you need a trip to Pembroke, VA. The 66 ft. waterfall is impressive and makes you feel as if the 2 mile hike was completely worth it. Last year I couldn't make myself jump into the water because it simply numbed my feet walking into the frigid water. This year, it happened. I jumped in and literally felt my breath leave my body. But it was so invigorating, and such an exciting little rush (happy sigh).

On a not so happy note: I hit my pinky toe on a rock on the way out of the water, had to hike back 2 miles to the car, and when I got home realized it was completely bruised. Luckily it wasn't broken and just sprained! All's well that ends well!