Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hanging Rock Adventure

I've been meaning to mention this one, but time and school and excuses, ya know? Ok. So real life hiking took place over labor day weekend. Like the sweating kind, with a lot of tangly hair. The way up was treacherous, with ragged paths and every step could almost send you over the edge. In my minds eye anyways. Did I mention I'm scared of heights? Yeah well, usually I get this sinking feeling in my stomach that says "just sit down and crawl away from the edge...." well this time I didn't. Below is my original "Give me a second to gather my courage" face. It doesn't help when your cousin is about to tumble off the side of the rock and he's so confident that it could never happen.

I will also add that right before we made it to the main rock there was a smaller rock people were taking pictures on. A guy was climbing off of the rock to return to the trail and he fell. Slid in between two rocks and was obviously terrified for a few seconds. That was enough to make anyone uneasy.

Did I mention I have cute cousins? I do, so girls beware. They also take the best selfies usually. I think know I'm their favorite. 

And here at last, we sat and enjoyed the view, ate some granola bars, took some pictures and just enjoyed all of this togetherness. The day was clouded over which resulted to be the best weather for hiking because we avoided the added heat and the glares and squinty eyes. 

 I also jumped off of a diving board for the first time in my life. Terrifying and thrilling all in one! My inner mermaid was exposed and I was queen of the sea pond? 

My 12 year old self would be appalled at my outdoorsy adventures, considering I hated anything that required going outside. How things change, and for that I am grateful. These views give you perspective. We are but a tiny part of this big wide world and yet Jesus loves us enough to reach for us and create all these wonders for us. “And she was terribly aware that she was alive. Not just living and breathing, but ...alive.”