Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Like the sparrow on the branch. I was reminded that life today is yours. Today you woke up and already your day has been filled with all sorts of choices. Do I sleep the extra 10 minutes? To breakfast or not? What to wear? Do I really need to stop for a coffee? Am I grumpy this morning? What kind of day am I going to have today? That's the initial process of my morning routine. The questions above usually set the tone for my day early on. 

There's a thrill in knowing that there is no set way you have to go about your life. You can do anything. Be what you most desire to be! Just because everyone is going to college does not mean you have to in order to be successful. You have the power to decide against it, and backpack across Europe instead if you wish it. Visit the Bahamas on a whim. Go skydiving and take the jump! Be fearless. 

Don't allow things to tie you down and keep you from using your wings to their maximum potential. Resist the urge to settle, to raise a white flag, or to stop fighting against the current. Your strength comes from above, and nothing can stop you. If God is for me, who can be against me?

When you can't seem to remember your reasons for existing, remember you have reasons to live. Don't live to survive, but live to thrive. Live with a radiant smile, contagious joy, and the ultimate peace that it will all be okay. Live it like it's your last because you only get one shot. Forget your yesterdays and focus on your todays. Tomorrows will come soon enough.