Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mission Possible

Sometimes the winter drags on longer than we'd like and spring seems like it will surely never come. It certainly felt that way this past weekend. On our way to a Spanish youth conference held in Memphis, TN by Pastor Julio May, we were slowed down by relentless ice and snow. I am one to get excited about a snow day as much as the next, but snow in March makes me a not so happy camper. My brain says spring, but the weather does not agree.

Despite traveling at 40 mph for what seemed like forever, the melted snow inside my shoe, and everyone being hungry, we finally made it to Memphis! That welcome sign was a warm hello. And all was well, as we made our way to the mall for some lunch and shopping...until we found it was closed. Such disappointed faces I never did see!

We eventually got lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and checked into our hotel. And then the frenzy began.....I was the designated chaperone for my room and I had four girls. Between organizing shower schedules, depleting the ozone layer with our hairspray, and helping iron outfits, it was a little crazy. But what fun conference isn't? Right? Right.

Pastor Villegas from California spoke about not disregarding our inheritance Thursday night. In a world with many flashy new things dangling in front of our eyes, it is sometimes easy to want to trade in our worn, battered valuables for a shiny, lightweight trinket. Seeing our youth group at the altar is one of the best feelings, knowing that they are seeking, they are hungry, and they are not satisfied with what the world has to offer them. So if any of you are reading this, I am so proud of you!

Friday morning we had an "Express Yourself" session in which different youth got the chance to speak for a few minutes and talk about the great things God has done in their lives. It's always amazing when you take a step back from the daily ho-hum and see that all has not been in vain and that there are significant marks on your life that are distinctly recognized as God's miracles. I am just happy to be a part of the greatest thing going on.

Friday night we heard the Georgia church choir and they did amazing as ever! Pastor Trevino preached a great message. I refuse to be a bench warmer! I live the way that I do, not to get saved, but because I am saved! Everyone needs to be encouraged occasionally, but it is important to not lose sight of why we do what we do.

After service there were games and food for the youth to enjoy. Some of us had way too much fun. And maybe embarrassed ourselves a bit much :) 

Saturday morning was the last service, and that is always the saddest part of a conference. Going back to real life afterwards. Anyways, the youth choir sang two songs, none of which I had ever heard before but it was definitely a lot of fun! Then Pastor Galindo preached a very fired up message that no one could ignore! He definitely challenged each and every youth to go further than we have before and reach for the lost, and for your own lost families. Time is of the essence. It was a great feeling in that place that made you never want to leave.

Before we said goodbye, we couldn't leave without stopping by Corky's BBQ. Table manners? whoops...