Monday, August 28, 2017

My Engagement Story

Dear World,

I am now an engaged woman. 

A Stunned KC

Honestly, this sweet guy pulled off such a thoughtful and perfect engagement! Previously, Preston had asked me what kind of engagement I would like. I quickly thought of all the engagement videos I had spent time watching and laughing over on YouTube.

A flash mob proposal, surrounded by strangers? 
A beach side romantic words in the sand?
A picnic proposal?
A scavenger hunt?

There were so many kinds, and so many cheesy ones that I didn't like. I had always said "I want a flash mob, BIG, with flashing lights, singing, and Howie Mandel in the background orchestrating it all!" But when I considered it in real life, I realized that isn't what I would want at all. In all seriousness I told him that there were only three things I really needed for a perfect proposal:

1. Like any practical girl would demand, I needed to be dressed up (obviously you can't have good engagement photos if you're wearing sneakers and your hair is in a messy bun)

2. I wanted it to be an intimate/just the two of us sweet proposal moment, with family and friends nearby to celebrate with right afterwards.

3. It needed to be a COMPLETE surprise!

Now Preston was arriving for a 2 week long visit on Thursday, July 27th. I had been planning my time off and all sorts of fun things scheduled for the days ahead. In order to have all of this free time, I had quite a few errands and things to do the Wednesday the 26th,  before he got into town. I called Preston, like I usually do every day after work. He talked and told me he had chicken for dinner and was hanging out with his brother. He also told me he couldn't talk long because he had to get ready for church...which was all fine and well until I realized it was 4:45 pm in Minot...and why did he have to be at church 2 hours early?! Preston tells me he had errands to run and was running sound...and I totally bought it.

As I was running here and there, I managed to squeeze in some time to have a little photo shoot with my friend Gabby (who I had not seen ALL SUMMER LONG!) for an upcoming blog post I had on She's Intentional. (BTW my mom made this red dress for me, which I had been asking for a long time, and it was the absolute most perfect timing that she was already working on it when she found out that I was getting engaged! She's an angel.) She claimed that we could ride together because she was nearby, so I ran home and got ready. Gabby suggested a woodsy theme and a flower crown to go with my outfit, which I thought might be a little overkill and extra, but who am I to say no to extra? (I mean seriously.) (to all of those that know me IRL, I'm sorry. Your girl is always doing the most.)

When Gabby arrived and saw my outfit she instantly started gushing about how pretty I looked and how cute my dress was, and how cute it looked with the flower crown and all. Which was honestly so nice and sweet, but totally not normal. Her compliments normally go as far as "No, leave it! It's cute!" or "That's so cute, I need one". On the way to the park, Gabby tells me she has found the perfect little place in the woods for pictures, and she keeps pointing over to the side window for me to look. I make sure and nod my head and say "Yeah, that's pretty", when I notice an empty picnic table decorated with a banner that read "Hooray!". So I figured I was probably being lured into a surprise birthday party because I was going to be out of town for my birthday, and I hadn't seen Gabby in the longest or something...but usually a banner says "Happy Birthday" when it's your birthday...also it was empty and no one was around. 

Gabby parked the car and says "Kimberly I have something to tell you..." I was getting all jittery and nervous but she looked so serious it couldn't be good. Was she pregnant?! But that would be exciting news! She leads me down to a path and says "I need you to give me your phone, and I need you to walk..."

 and that's when I realized what was happening. 

I saw the candlelit path, the twinkle lights woven about the gazebo, the pictures, the flowers, and the man that I am absolutely in love with, standing in the center of the gazebo waiting for me with the cutest grin on his face. 

What happened next is a blur, but I do remember my knees feeling as if they were made of jelly and I was worried they would give out on my way to Preston. My hands...I had no clue what to do with them. Jitters took over and I felt as if I was in a daze. The sun was setting just around this time, and the light streaming in was perfect. Preston got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife.  

Needless to say, 

 I said Yes!

Preston gave me the sweetest engagement gift, an ornate key with our initials on it. After I hugged Preston, I remember just trying to wrap my head around the fact that I AM ACTUALLY ENGAGED! And then he tells me "You need to turn around" and I find my family, and his parents, and some of my dearest friends standing behind us waiting to congratulate us. We all hugged, and cried, and cheered. Preston's mom had prepared food for every one afterwards (remember the picnic table I mentioned earlier?) and it was lovely. I enjoyed this moment of a lifetime, with my most favorite people in the world. 

Note to Preston: You completely nailed the most perfect engagement of all time. I love you.

There are so many things that I don't want to ever forget about this perfect moment. The way that my hands were shaking and Preston's too. The deep breaths he had to take before talking, and how he couldn't stop smiling at me. The swell of emotions that arose inside of me. How absolutely hot and humid it was outside and I didn't even notice it. His question after I start asking "Is this real?! Oh my goodness Preston!" "Soooo is that a yes?" I had completely forgotten that he needed an answer from me! How surreal it felt even days afterwards.

Preston has been an absolute dream since day one. He has treated me like a princess all along, and loved me for me. He brings out the best parts of me, and encourages me to be my best self each day. I am so certain that God has lead us to each other, and that has made all the difference in the world. God knows the desires of our hearts, and Preston has been an answered prayer that dropped out of the sky when I was least expecting it. God's timing is the best timing. So to all of you single ladies, be picky! Whatever you do, do not settle. God has someone perfect for you, and he will make his entrance exactly when God deems it time.