Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Letters: February's Fascination

Dear revival month at church,
You've been phenomenal! Honestly, so much going on, but the impact has been real! 24 baptized in Jesus name and 23 have received the Holy Ghost. Seriously, how amazing!

Dear Valentine's Day,
This years was pretty perfect. 

Dear NDBF,
Your little unexpected surprises make me do all sorts of giddy happy dances. I miss you!

Dear flu season,
You're seriously doing the most this year. No one is happy about it, so just go ahead and leave already. #nobueno

Dear perfect spring weather,
You'd better be staying, considering I have cleared out the coats and sweaters in my hurried  anticipation.

Dear Mayberry's peach ice cream,
Why am I so obsessed?? I seriously CANNOT get enough! It may be a problem...

Dear gym,
see above...I should really go see you.

Dear watercolor painting,
I am going to try and figure you out. The results aren't always impressive, but I'll be practicing. It's really nice to kick back and have time to do this now. Can we also discuss techniques? So many!

Dear chocoflan recipe,
Thanks for being relatively easy, yet making me look like a master chef. Yes guys, I did cook that all by myself.

Dear spring cleaning frenzy,
You're never that bad until all of my closet is on the floor, and I realize the motivation is leaving me quickly...However, my closet is super neat and organized now, thanks! All matching clothes hangers, and it is also color coordinated in each department: tops, skirts, dresses, coats...doing the most? K, I'm done now.

Dear California,
I'm coming for you soon. Is my life even real? *insert giddiness here*