Thursday, February 2, 2017

Little Letters - January Edition

Dear chunky knit sweaters keeping me warm, thank you for being the coziest and making me feel like I'm still in my pajamas while I have to be an adult and venture out into the real world.

Dear Lavinia the cat, this morning you snuggled into my bed as I was on my way to work and I really wanted to just call today a saturday and join your little snoozing party. #mykindofparty

Dear 10:30 PM sleep schedule, it's not you, it's me. You're really nice and all, but I feel like my afternoon time just got reduced by half. I also feel like I'm 8 ....

Dear Gabby, how come we've been too busy to hang out? This busy grown up schedule is not fun without you. Who else am I supposed to give all of my long-winded-but-fully-detailed rants to? I think I need a blueberry muffin now.

Dear Marlene and Eric, I'm SO excited about your engagement and CANNOT wait to celebrate you two! Queremos pastel, y boda, y toda la fiesta!

Dear boyfriend in North Dakota, you're my favorite.

Dear warm windy weather that makes me really happy, can you just stay already and we will call it spring? I'm completely ok with that idea. It would also make my outfit choosing in the mornings a million times easier. 

Dear impending spring break, please hurry.