Friday, January 6, 2017

A Visit to the Capital : Adventures in Washington, D.C.

January was crisp and cool, with a perfect amount of snowy weather to add to the wintery feel. What a wonderful time for a quick adventure in DC. The entire city was still decorated with the christmas greenery and lights, and the snow falling on and off throughout the day only enhanced the beauty of it all. Add some hot chocolate, endless museums, and monuments galore and you've got yourself a pretty special day. We only stayed in DC two days, but we got to see so much! #bestitineraryplanner 

Here is the list of things we did get to see and do:
  • Washington Monument 
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial (fave)
  • Reflecting Pool
  • WWII Memorial 
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • Korean War Memorial
  • National Museum of American History - which having Preston in there was like having my very own personal tour guide and history textbook all in one. (super handy)
  • District Taco - delicious lunch spot a stranger told us was great. We were not disappointed. Especially the guys after I starved them for half the day. Who knew you had to plan for lunch breaks when making itineraries? 
  • Arlington Cemetery - We got lost for way longer than we needed to here...also it was like negative a million degrees. #frostbite
  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - we got to watch the changing of the guard and that was pretty cool.
  • John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame - amazing to actually see this! 
  • Museum of Natural History - mammoth + jellyfish + science terms
  • Capital Tour - At 1:50 we find ourselves running to catch our 2:00 tour. Museums are huge yall, and there are rock collections to see. (Side story: We stopped to get some hot cocoa before the tour (which is the real reason as to why we were late) and it was super salty for some reason, and had an unexplainable little chunk of brown stuff at the bottom of my cup once I finished it that looked like a tootsie roll. Also Preston managed to burn his entire tongue with one sip, so I figured I would be smart about this and let mine cool down, so I obviously removed the lid. Worst mistake. Walking with an uncovered cup is disastrous. I managed to burn my hand and then it was only sticky for like the rest of the tour.) I also touched all the railings/walls/statues possible that Donald Trump and 99% of every other president of America has ever touched. I mean that is way cool. My hand now holds teeny tiny molecules of ancientness. #neverwashingmyhand The black cars with flags were also present when we were leaving, which was pretty cool.
  • Escape the Room DC- James Bond themed where we escaped with about 2 minutes to spare! Talk about a real feeling of satisfaction! Remember guys: Shaken, not stirred.
  • We also got to see Trump International Hotel in DC and had some coffee there.
  • The White House at night. 
 My favorite thing: Abraham Lincoln Memorial

My most prominent memory: That dead feeling at the end of the day where your feet feel like they may just fall off but you've got a humongous smile pasted on your face.

To be completely honest, I had some unrealistic expectations of how quickly we could walk around and see everything. (Did I mention it's huge??) Overall I think we chose the perfect time to visit, the holiday craze was dwindling down, inauguration day was approaching but protesters were all still out on holiday, and the snowy mix made it magical.