Monday, January 9, 2017

A Snowy First Date at the Biltmore

January is the perfect time for a walk in the snow, hot apple cider, and exploring. What can possibly better combine all of the above? Spending time exploring the Biltmore Estate of course! I'm just waiting on my chance to move in and cozy up in that library by the fireplace. With my sweeping gowns of course, a terrace tea party, and brunch in the sun room. The winding staircase will make you wish the place were empty so you could slide down the railing without anyone watching, or just make a really grand entrance to some important dinner party. Because that's what they did back in the day, right?

Don't get me started on that library. Seriously my favorite room in the house probably. Remember Belle's library in beauty and the beast? This one's probably the closest I've seen to it. Winding mini staircase, secret doorway, two stories of bookshelves, humongous volumes, desks, fireplace, maps, and all things dreamy. *insert happy sigh*

 We had a tasty feast at the Stable Cafe, (which was probably too much for both of us), and apple cider to top it off. The green house was lovely as ever, and we will definitely need to come back during the summertime to see these gardens in full bloom. The trails were also blocked off because of the snow, but that didn't seem to stop us avid hikers.

Overall, the perfect day, with this super cute boyfriend.