Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tips for Surviving the Semester Wind Down

It's crunch time. The end of the fall semester is so near you can almost taste its sweetness! As Christmas time approaches , everyone is in full "Christmas Preparation" mode that no one remembers college kids still have their hands full of papers, projects and exams!

 It's ok, I remembered.
Only because I had to and I'm trying to survive myself!

So I have created a perfect list of essentials for your last week before break. Exam week demolition, activate.

1. Killer playlist for study / work time

2. Put your phone on silent. Just do it. You know you'll pick it up and check if you hear any sort of notification.

3. Good healthy snacks to boost your brain power. Chop up some fruits or veggies, grab a dried fruit mix, or eat a granola bar.

4. Keep the coffee close by. Not only is the smell delicious, but it will keep you cozy (and possibly in a good mood) through it all.

5. Stay hydrated! This is something you need to do regardless of what week it is. What a difference you will feel though, when your body has enough water!

6. Take a break every few minutes.(30 Minutes is my preference)

7. Pray - No, I'm completely serious, but especially for those exams you're feeling worried about.

I'm wishing you all the best this exam week! When you're feeling stressed, depressed, and a mess, just remember Philippians 4:13!

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