Friday, June 3, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

What started out as a weekend meant for reading books indoors, and catching up on homework assignments while waiting out the rain, turned out to be a buy-a-raincoat-because-we-are-still-hiking-in-the-rain kind of weekend. I was planning on sleeping in just a little and instead I am up before the sun, and crossing town to meet up for breakfast. Our group of 13 was the best exploring group we could have had!

How dreamy are these shots? Totes dreamy. We could easily be atop the mountains in Taiwan. I simply love North Carolina. I actually expected rainy weather the entire day and I was mentally prepared for a wet drippy hike, so the actual nice weather and fog was a pleasant surprise and readily welcomed! When we made it to the top we were enveloped in a white cloud of fog and mist it felt like we were in heaven. Everything was bright and clear and the pictures were way cooler than last time because of the fog.

From rock climbing, to modeling sessions, and waterfalls, we did it all. I love my people and I love the memories we made on this trip. Major Props for making it to the tippity top guys @ Eli, Tiko, Jairo, Sammy, Alex, Joey, Gris, Jordan, Elia, Astrill, Jenny, and Evelin!