Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Little Letters: Memories of May Edition

The month of May has been a fantastic one full of adventures and new things. Spring is in full swing, the cold a mere memory, and the pollen a very real reality. 


Dear Bible Book Club Gals,
Thank you for jumping on board with all of the enthusiasm, zest, and love possible! You girls are the best and I am soooo grateful that you are in my life. With all of your curious questions, helpful pointers, and friendship overflowing we just may have the best thing going. Not even going to lie, ya'll are the best!

Dear Bonfires,
I don't even really care for s'mores but there's something about the way that the fire burns and the smoke curls that always induces me to having all of the traditional fixin's. [PSA Daniel Chavez makes the best most perfect s'mores on the block! I repeat! Daniel Chavez makes the best most perfect s'mores on the block!] Zero crumbling, zero mess, and 100% ooey gooey goodness that didn't burn me. #onpoint

Dear Beef Jerky,
Carolina girls really like you. Thanks for staying salty.

Dear Sunsets at Jogging time,
Absolutely lovely is what you are. I am convinced that there is nothing more beautiful than the dappled shadows of the forest during golden hour. I'm glad that the days are longer now allowing room for me to enjoy some sunny outside time.

Dear Tennis Champions,
Ya'll are the real MVP's. I had a blast with our olympic team taking the gold and balling on the court like we were the next Serena Williams. #champs

Dear Mom,
Happy mother's day to you! You're the absolute best mom in the whole entire world that I have ever had. Which also makes you my favorite (and I know I'm your favorite, so we are even steven here). I love you!

Dear Neighbors,
You're seriously the cutest. Thanks for visiting me and asking me all the questions and keeping me laughing. Also, Sunday school with you was such fun!

Dear Memorial Day Weekend,
First of all, a huge thank you to all of those who have served and are currently serving our country. We are such a privileged nation because of people like you.

Dear Atlantic Ocean,
Thank you for the natural beach waves (tangles guaranteed) and the nice tan I've got now.

Dear Hiking Trips & Waterfalls,
I seem to never tire of your beauty. I just can't escape the beauty that is the green lush forest and the sound of rushing waters.

Also Dear Watermelon,
There is no better way to eat you than with those smile shaped slices that smear juice on both of your cheeks at the same time and leave you sticky with juice dripping down your wrist. Am I right?

Dear Almost Summer Time,