Thursday, May 26, 2016

Joy Unspeakable

Life is so amazing. The growing and changing happens so slightly and by the smallest of increments that you hardly notice until you have changed to be something completely different. The ups, the downs, and the turnarounds. Things you once considered to be of utmost importance fall into place in the grand scheme of things and you see it from a birds eye view, the great big world.

                                And no, 
                            it doesn't revolve around you anymore.

You are only one little person in this vast earth we inhabit, and yet Jesus wants your attention and dedication more than anything. We make our plans and decide what we want to do and become, but are you consulting Jesus along the way? Do you make your plans and then claim He was involved or are you taking the time to ask for His guidance at every step of the way? More than anything in this whole entire world, I want to be what Jesus wants me to be. I want to be a child of God that obeys his commands, a child that is dedicated to His ways, and a girl who is in love with Him more than anything. I don't think there is a higher calling than that, to serve God. So serve Him with your all, serve Him with your time, and serve Him by loving others.

I am at a point where time seems to be zipping by and I find myself in a state of "hold on!" and  "wait!". I am aware of the clocks, I am aware of the time being near. Everything that I want to accomplish I can as long as Jesus is on my side. He has never, and I repeat NEVER, let me down. How often can you say that about someone? What a privilege it is to be loved by Jesus, and to have an actual relationship with Him. Knowing He is near in times of trouble and that He is not worried about losing any battle. When I feel like things are holding me back from pursuing these dreams and from growing closer to God, these issues must go. I don't have time to lose, I don't have time to waste.

It is such a joy living this life. 

It simply is.

I find myself enjoying it more and more as time goes by. I have a sense of peace within my soul that will never fade, as long as I have Jesus.