Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A few of my favorite things

Since this week is way stressful with finals coming up and I have so much to do, I'll avoid it all and pretend I don't have any pending assignments. Instead I'll give you a list of 25 of my favorite things. Thanks for being so supportive ya'll!

1. Starbucks green tea frappuccinos
2. The smell of the woods after the rain. Such nature and whatnot.
3. Laughing. All of the time.
4. Camels. I mean look at their lashes! So majestic.
5. When my favorite store says "clearance" or "sale". I mean come on! We HAVE to stop by...
6. Using big words correctly.
7. Peonies! Just yes.
8. Pretty notebooks. I have around 30....and counting #notashamed
9. The crazy wind before a huge thunderstorm.
10. Traveling. Forever.
11. Dr.Pepper
12. Colorful pens. Or maybe just color in general...
13. Gelato
14. Making new friends
15. Oranges. I get my vitamin C.
16. Witticisms
17. When people can tell a joke without laughing before they say the do you do that?
18. Ukuleles
19. Dressing up
20. Good manners
21. The south and it's sweet tea
22. Panera lunch dates with Gabby
23. Jane Austen
24. Cheesecake
25. Snail mail